The DNA of Earl Grey

I’m slightly addicted to knitting cup sleeves – eco-friendly, reusable replacements for those bits of cardboard the baristas at your favorite coffee shop slip onto your drink (Earl Grey for me, thanks) with the intent of saving your fingers from the scalding liquid. The sleeves are quick knits (for a shot of instant “I finished a project!” gratification), they’re more comfortable to hold and insulate your fingers better than the cardboard, and they make great gifts – just ask my entire family, who all but demanded handmade sleeves for this past Christmas.

Because of that family commission, I haven’t had a chance to make myself a new sleeve to replace my very first one – a functional, but rather “blah” basic knit-in-the-round project. Until now. I wanted something fun, geeky, and unique.

With as long as the infamous DNA Scarf has been around, I was surprised that a search of Ravelry didn’t unearth anyone who’d turned it into a cup sleeve. Scarves, absolutely; headbands; the motif of a sweater… the adaptability of knitters continues to amaze me.

For the cup sleeve, I used Size 4 needles and did two repetitions of the helix pattern block, but started each row with a k1/p1 and ended each with a p1/k1. This is the second sleeve for which I’ve used Lion Brand Microspun yarn, and it knits up into a soft, stretchy fabric, ready to slip onto a hot takeout cup.

I can’t wait to test drive it on my next order at Caribou.


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